Shipping & Returns

Shipping and Handling

 * Every order is packaged with care for the plant in mind. Your plant will be individually labeled for identification upon receipt. We use a specialized packaging system developed to keep your plants healthy and thriving during shipping.

 * PlantsDirect uses common carriers USPS, FedEx, and UPS for shipping. Most items are packaged for shipment the following day. We ask that you allow 3-5 days for delivery depending upon your location. Though many orders are shipped with a 2-3 day delivery.

 * PlantsDirect may trim or remove flower blooms from your plant to maintain the plants health and ability to be shipped effectively.

 Returns Policy

 * We ask that when placing orders that you keep your local weather and availability to receive the plants upon arrival in mind.

 * We take pride in properly packaging each and every plant for shipment.  Being that live plants are perishable items we ask that you take pictures of the plants and packaging at your earliest convenience after receiving the order. Returns/credits are taken on a case by case basis with your customer satisfaction our highest priority.

 * Large orders requiring freight transportation may require 1-2 additional days to prepare before shipping. You will be notified by PlantsDirect of this delay.

 * Seasonality of plants. Some plants may be dormant when shipped in late fall, winter, and early spring. We guarantee the health and viability of our plants when shipped and emerging from dormancy. Again, we ask that you take pictures of the plants upon arrival to verify no damage during shipping.

 * If a return is needed please use the Contact Us page to submit your request. Please do not attempt to return a plant without authorization from PlantsDirect. Thank you.